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Since 2006, we have strived to make it affordable for our customers to attain the best lawyers. We offer unbundled legal services with our team of highly skilled attorneys all over the country. We can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so schedule a free consultation now!

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Our attorneys unbundled their services so you only pay for the legal help you need!


Although our lawyers offer unbundled services, they still provide full service if needed.


You can attain any legal documents you need so you’ll be ready to represent yourself on your court date.


We are always here for you. If you have a problem, give us a call for immediate help.



Going through formal proceedings of filing a divorce is extremely frustrating. At Affordable Legal Help, our highly skilled unbundled lawyers will ensure that your goals and demands are met professionally without breaking your bank.

Child Custody

Although children can choose for themselves when they reach a certain age, the custody matter is usually decided in a courtroom. Our lawyers will help you inform the judge of the situation that is best for your child.

Child Support

Paying and getting paid child support can be difficult and tiring. Our lawyers are committed to solving any child support issues as quickly as possible so that the future of your family is financially secure.

GrandParents Rights

As grandparents, you have certain rights that should not be taken away from you. By partnering with our attorneys, you can make sure you do not lose these rights.

Child Adoption

Taking legal and parental rights over a child is an exciting but stressful process. The attorneys we partner with ensure that the specific legal details are taken care of so you can enjoy becoming a parent.


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  • What is the difference between a regular attorney and an unbundled attorney?

    Many people hesitate to seek legal help because of how expensive it can be. Normally, hiring a lawyer for a case would cost you between $3000 and $5000.

    Instead of hiring an attorney to handle your entire case start to finish, unbundled attorneys limit their involvement to a few specific aspects of the case. When you hire an attorney on an “unbundled” basis, you are billed for fewer hours, which costs you less money.

  • What are the repercussions of neglecting child support ordered by the court?

    In any event involving neglect or divorce, child support is required so that the future of the child is not impaired. If a parent ignores this duty, they are subjected to various forms of punishments within the courtroom.

    The first reaction of the court is to give the parent another opportunity to pay child support within a specific time period. If they fail to comply despite having the financial means to pay it, they may face imprisonment, driver’s license suspension, tax refunds, financial seizure, and other sanctions.

  • How do I know when I need the help of an unbundled attorney?

    To gain a deeper understanding of what your legal options are, you need to talk to an attorney. Obtaining the services of an unbundled attorney achieves this goal without the hefty price tag that comes with typical attorneys. They will listen to your issue, give you advice, and charge you an affordable amount.








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Although legal assistance solves one problem, it creates another, i.e. the financial issues. Legal assistance has always been one of the most expensive services in America to the extent that many people would rather forego a family matter rather than invest in hiring a good lawyer.